Long Time Coming.

Well, I am not sure why no blog in so long… I thought maybe it was that there was nothing to say, or maybe too much to say, or maybe it just means that I am starting to get a life and have less of a myspace dependancy… or that myspace is always so damn messed up it is becoming silly.

For whatever reason… it has been a while. So, news:

1. I got a digital camera… I bought a super compact one because I am not foregoing my film camera, the medium I absolutely prefer with no apologies. But this new purchase should facilitate more photos on the website, blogs, etc.

2. I got sick again. And I was even eating the damn soup. Had to go to the doctor which was crazy. You pay HK$45 (around US$5.75) and then you wait to see the doctor. I waited about 5 minutes. He told me I have the flu. I hope it is not the freaking Bird Flu. [There is a special section in the newspaper here now entirely dedicated to the Bird Flu… We have the Front Page, Lifestyles, Sports, Business, Bird Flu, Classifieds…] He said it is not the bird flu. Then he told me to go and fill the prescriptions he was writing for me. I said I didn’t think I needed medicine, just rest and he said, no worries, get them filled just in case. I asked how much it would cost and he told me I had already paid for them with my registration fee. [Interesting in light of the drama with drug coverage at home at the  moment.] So, I walked over to the pharmacy and handed them my paper. They immediately started handing me little baggies of pink pills, white pills, yellow pills, lozenges, a bottle of some pink stuff, and some red pills. I walked out with my personal pharmacy and felt like I was leaving a methodone clinic or something. I mean… baggies!! They did have labels, but they just said things like, “For pain,” “For congestion,” “For coughing.” I took a yellow one that night and didn’t wake up for 18 hours. I still have all the rest of them if anyone is interested in a cheap score.

3. I am getting a computer in two weeks, and yes, I am counting down. It is going to be pretty bad ass… an HP Laptop with tons of bells and whistles and I am getting the “good-friend-discount” from a new Chinese friend who works at HP.

4. My parents are coming to visit in two weeks. Notice the convergence of this entry and the preceding one. It is not a coincidence.

5. I met an Australian sheep farmer. I just had to include that because I think it is funny to always hear about sheep in Australia and now I actually know a sheep farmer. Plus he was hot.

6. My friend Rob who flies for Cathay Pacific has been in town twice in the past month and we have had a ridiculously good time. 

7. I started taking yoga. This in itself is totally hilarious for those of you who know me and know my personality. But I thought it might be good for me. I took the Bikram (hot as hell) classes and am going to try a couple of other types out as well. I was surprised at how it was since I don’t usually engage in group excercise and was especially surprised that they talk at you through the whole thing. Loudly. I thought it would be more, I don’t know, idyllic, or something. But it was cool and I sweated more than I thought was humanly possible. Sort of like how it was my first couple weeks here just walking around town.

8. I got really pissed at my employers last week and am looking seriously at more serious work here. We will see. The application for the Hong Kong International School, which is the American school, made my brain hemmorhage a little bit. But I started quite a ruckus with my agency (‘Who me?’) Oddly, since then an amazing amount of things have been taken care of by said agency.

9. I have a new American friend who is teaching here and he is hilarious. I got to be the expert and show someone around, which was interesting. On the way home the taxi driver told me I was very beautiful and that he loved me. Ahhh… the limited English. It can be so flattering!

10. My Thailand trip has morphed into two trips… I will not be going to Koh Samui for Christmas, but will head there in February. For Christmas I will be in Hong Kong, then fly to Bangkok on the 26th for four days, then Chiang Mai in northern Thailand for a few days… including New Year’s and then back to Bangkok and then “home” to Hong Kong.

I guess that is a pretty good update…. So, until next time “Good Night and Good Luck.”


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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