Part 4 of 4

Home is….?

…where the heart is?

…where you hang your hat?

…where you lay your head?

…where is home??

San Francisco is a glorious city… I love everything about it, (except for the lame Giants.) And this summer, at the moment I arrived there, I was really glad to be back.

And then I looked in my wallet and realized that I had 100 Baht and HK$30. That equates to roughly $6.47. Cool. I just might be able to buy myself a bottle of water at the airport.

What does one do when they reach a precipice like this? Careening dangerously close to the edge of survival?

You call your parents, of course.

So I did.

And then I went to Idaho.

I told you I had lost my mind, right? So, I thought I might be able to sort it out up there with the famous potatoes. And I was right. Got some sleep. Some good food. Some good advice. Some chill time with the ‘rents, and things were looking up.

Sort of.

Some large questions loomed.

Do I go back to Reno?

Can I find a job?

Do I want a job?

When do I get to go back to San Diego?

Am I done with my world travels?

Is there any way I can just go back to school?

Decisions had to be made.

First thing was first. I went to Reno… Yeah, I was there for two days. I had to move my stuff out of my old house (sad), say hello to my old boyfriend (really sad), see my cat (HEARTBREAKING – luckily she has the best step-dad in the whole wide world.)

So, now that I was OFFICIALLY homeless… I thought, “Let’s go to San Diego!” And I did.

San Diego is my favorite place in California. Always has been, probably always will be. Great food… mmmm…. Las Olas, El Nopalito, El Indio, can you see the theme? Great beaches… PB, OB, Mission, La Jolla, Birdrock. Black’s, Stone Steps, Beacon’s, 18th Street, D Street… Great people, great traffic jams, great music… Just a generally cool place to be. I love it. Only one small problemo.

No Job-O.

Hmmmm….. No work. No money… I did not want to be Odd Todd (check him out if you have not…. )

In the final analysis, Hong Kong became the most logical next step. The irony that the most illogical and random decision I have made in the last ten years morphed into the most logical option for me over the course of a single year is not lost on me, and it should not be lost on you. Those of you who know me even slightly well understand that I am not one to be illogical. Ever. But, it turns out, “Sometimes, you just have to say… WTF…” and go for it. (See Risky Business if you are not familiar with the context of that quote. See it if you haven’t just because you really should anyhow. Try to ignore the fact that it is Tom Cruise.)

I started applying for work in Hong Kong and had something like twelve job interviews set up within a week as well as a ticket back to the other side of the Pacific. Of course, I still had no money and no home and no real direction… But suddenly I had a purpose and it turns out that sometimes that is enough.

Now I am back in Hong Kong.

As I walked home the other night with my old housemate, I was saying how it was hard for me to be here because it all seems so unreal… I said, “Look it is like Fantasy Island.”

He said, “That is where you are mistaken. This is not a fantasy it is a reality. It is strange and unusual, and for you maybe unexpected. But that does not make it a fantasy. Do not confuse familiarity or permanence with reality. Everything is reality.”

He is a wise man.

I live on Lamma Island. (For anyone who still knows how to use the postal service for mail, you could send me a postcard… G/F 47 Pak Kok Tsuen, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, SAR.)

I have a nice house with a nice view and lots of things like bugs, geckos, snakes, cockatoos, etc. These are what I would describe as accidental pets. (Gecko blog will be coming soon. I have a very interesting group of them.)

I have a job. (I make enough money that I am going to be able to continue to live the way I want to live, and I guess that is all that matters.)

I have friends here that I did not expect.

I miss my friends at home as much as I did expect.

I live in Asia.

I ride a boat and a train to work.

I teach lots of different things to lots of different kinds of kids who all want to come to America to go to school.

I have all of my Sharpies here.

I play too much Sudoku. 

I do not have all of my shoes here… (but I guess I don’t need them as much as I thought I did.)

Ummm… scratch that last one, it was a stupid thing to say, Of COURSE I need to have my shoes here… I just couldn’t get them all shipped over.

I have to hike to my house every night after work because there are no cars or motorized vehicles allowed on my island. (It is only twenty minutes, but I did see a snake last night.)

I am going to travel some more soon.

I sometimes wish I had a classroom full of kids to share my photos and scary food stuffs with.

I still miss all of you and look forward to hearing from you.

I will come home someday, because…

I finally learned where home is…

Where it has to be.

It is where you are…

 Your reality is your only home…

Imagine the possibilities.


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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