So, I am relatively new to blogging… like how bloggers do for general consumption and commentary and dialog. In fact I find that I am easily overwhelmed by the whole process and hardly do the authors of my favorite blogs justice with timely and interesting commentary (though, of course, I want everyone to comment on mine…) I started blogging playing around on MySpace back in the day, mostly for my friends and for travel journals. But those days a re long gone… now I have my own blog and I am obsessed.

I wish I could say this obsession was with writing. But no. My obsession is  statistical. I am amazed at all of the ways you can analyze your blog. I check religiously to see how many hits I have attracted, comments, pingbacks, etcetera. Being rather new at this I am generally satisfied with any incremental increase, but I fear this bodes ill for the future. What happens if I fall back into the abyss of *gasp* private writing???

I have started looking more closely at blogs that get a lot of hits, figured I could learn a thing or fifty. I have also done some things on my blog that seem to generate more traffic… (it seems like the more tags the more hits… is that true?) The more blogs I look at, the more I am simultaneously amazed and disheartened. So many great writers and thoughts, so much more difficult to find an original voice.

Which brings me to another question: why are so many of the blogs out there tied to organized religion? Is it just WordPress, or is it really that common to see so many religion-themed sites? I am often caught by surprise as I am reading a blog seemingly on food or travel or photography only to learn that it is a religious blog, or as they are often explained ‘a —- perspective on —-.’ Are there really that many? It seems disproportionate.

I am also clueless on blog-etiquette. Is it creepy and pervy to just hop along onto someone’s blog and comment… or is that a silly question as blogs are there for the public consumption? It feels a little voyeuristic to me. Not that it has hindered my habits. And commenting. Are you meant to comment back? Immediately? Whenever? On your blog or theirs?

I suppose it comes down to a common denominator: I like to write and so do a lot of other people, and most people probably want feedback on their efforts, hence the blogging in the first place. So what makes a blog good? What makes people want to read the random thoughts of strangers? I guess it could be:

  • Personal interests (hobbies?)
  • Well known subjects (celebutards?)
  • Unknown subjects (cutting edge types)
  • Connection to the author (six degrees of separation)

How does it work? How do you find the blog of your dreams? I think it may be along the same lines as finding the — of your dreams. Probably just dumb luck.

And of course Google.

This has not cleared much up for me, so in the interest of not taking up much more of your time… I am going to go check how many hits I have gotten today. [And if there are not enough I might just keep reloading that page…]


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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4 Responses to Blogobssession

  1. notgoth says:

    Tags do get more hits for sure. Also recently wordpress have started doing this thing where at the end of a post they will link to ‘relevant’ other people’s posts.

    I think most people like you, like comments and don’t find it creepy although I guess that depends on what is said. I always get a little thrill from unknowns comments.. it does feel like sad validation for my ramblings but it also is nice to have interaction with someone many miles away from you. It still gets me that I can play an online game of Scrabble with you in HK and Jen in NY at the same time! I reply to comments and I like it when people reply to mine – it gives people a reason to come back if nothing else.

    I get a lot of hits from one post I wrote about Tattoos – originally for 30 Voices which is kind of odd. I would probably get even more hits if thats what I wrote about more but I like writing about LA and demented stuff like wedding planning.

    Over the years the best way I have found blogs is through other peoples links and the webby awards nominations – they always obviously have some good ones.

    Sorry super long comment 😀

  2. Ruth says:

    OMG! When I first started my blog last fall I was SOO OBSESSED! I just read this post thinking, “Wow, I need to comment. Amanda’s saying so many things I’ve thought before.”

    So I read your post thoughtfully, then I read NG’s comment thoughtfully, and then I got to “Heinz”‘s comment & thought – WAIT A MINUTE!! Some guy named Machiavelli left the EXACT SAME comment on MY page a few days ago (happy face and all)!

    When I first saw Machiavelli’s comment at my blog, I was all offended, thinking, “He missed the point? How condescending!” I had a mental debate about whether or not to allow his note. It was a momentary ego-struggle. Now I see that the comment was spam. How apropos for the topic of this very post, don’t cha think?

  3. Amanda says:

    I wondered about that one! Thanks for the update… and he has been deleted… would that is was as easy to delete people from the non-cyber world! Of course, in the context of the post, I almost felt like keeping it… but…

    Good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ruth says:

    Good thinking – I’m going to delete him over a my page. 🙂

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