Missing in Action

Fall has again come to Hong Kong. This year it has brought a few too many typhoons for my liking, but it is here again, with cooler temperatures and slightly lower overall humidity – 60-70% rather 80-90% – barring those typhoon days. The days are slightly shorter… it is hard to tell being at 22° latitude… but one day you look up and realize that it is duskier when it should be lighter, or at least when it used to be lighter.

This fall has been punctuated by the US Presidential race… and I am still honestly amazed that anyone could vote for the party that has lead us into this pit of despair. But people seem to like Sarah Palin for some reason – maybe they like the continuity of another person in the White House who says “noo-kyoo-ler.” I think she sucks because she is anti-choice, anti-education and quite alarmingly anti-environment. Not to mention her lack of experience, skill, savvy and general intelligence. But don’t let me decide for you.

Aaahhh, but I am an absentee voter and so we all know my vote probably won’t be counted before a winner is announced sometime after 9 pm EST on November 4th while the polls are still open in parts of the country. (I still voted though, make no mistake.)

This fall also saw another birthday come and go. My birthday falls (generally) on the Fall Equinox, which is nice. I like the balance and the symmetry. This year I basically had a two month span of celebration. I felt like I deserved it after the entirely craptastic summer I was having.

Let me explain:

At the end of May, I finally ended a really unhealthy and destructive relationship. This was not easy.
At the end of June, I seriously injured some muscles in my lower back and hip. This sucked.
Also in June I entered the funky mindset of a teacher who finds herself working through the summer.  Grrrr.
Throughout July I thought I was meeting some pretty interesting people. This was incorrect and you can bet a blog on internet dating is coming soon!
Continuing through July my back was better/worse/better/worse… It continued to suck and impede one of my true joys – yoga.
In early August I realized I was going to have to take some time off work regardless of the fact that I was taking my vacation at the end of the month. This was traumatic for me because I am still sheepish about asking for exactly what I want. [Why is this?]
By mid-August my back was still not better, so I tried some alternative medicine. And it worked and blew my PT’s mind.
I had also decided that dating in HK is simply not for me and so focused on my return home.

And here is where the party started.

Family time in the Pacific Northwest.
Old friend time in Sonoma County.
Heart of the matter time in San Diego.
Good old fashioned debauchery time in San Francisco.

Then back to Hong Kong.

Birthday planning.
Birthday junk.
Birthday barbeque.
Birthday toga party.

You know, just your average month.

Spiced up with a few of the worst typhoons I have experienced in Hong Kong, a severe regression in my ferry service and a new found joy in spending money that has just got to stop.

So that is where I have been…

And it is better to be here and now than there some other time.


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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One Response to Missing in Action

  1. Jeffree says:

    Hi Amanda
    Happy birthday (belatedly), and glad to hear your back got better!

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