…comes in all sorts of packages.

I got this survey on “Inspiration” the other day and so of course I filled it out as I am compulsively addicted to surveys:

1. When you were five, what inspired you?
a. Finding things… seriously, I was really good at finding lost items for my large and strange and sort of absent-minded household. My Grandpa Barickman. And also cats, horses and ballet-ers. And the Children’s Workshop. Special times.

2. When you were ten, what inspired you?
a. Nadia Comaneci, I thought I could be famous like her, then I got tall. My aunts Nancy and Teri. Music started getting to me too… Michael Jackson, Carole King, Donna Summer, the Beatles… I have always been a bit eclectic.

3. When you were 18, what inspired you?
a. Mexico and all things Mexican, politics, college, the beach, my mom and step-dad (always on the cutting edge of right-living), Coors Light commercials. The Grateful Dead…

4. When you were 25, what inspired you?
a. Dr. Gilda Bloom at SFSU, my students and basketball team at Balboa High School (Rowena, Lakisha, Nikisha, Vavatau, Shanita), Anna Bolla and Jette Sangalang @ Bal. The beauty and fabulousness of San Francisco. Kerry Barlas.

5. When you were 30, what inspired you?
a. My family. My work (from Balboa to Hug to Incline and eventually Sparks High Schools… I love what I do.) Victoria Randlett, Gary Hausladen, Paul Starrs. The Incline Lady Highlanders. Life.

6. Who was your most inspirational teacher?
a. There have been many… Ellen Slater (Wilson School, Petaluma), Ms. George (Memorial Jr. High, San Diego), Doug Johnson and Frank Martinez (Petaluma HS), David Gutierrez *sigh* (UCSD), Dr. Bloom (SFSU). Victoria Randlett (UNR), Peter, Paul and Gary (UNR). I think I might have to award Mr. Johnson and Paul Starrs with the “most” inspirational… at the very least, most influential.

7. Who has been an inspirational friend? Why?
a. SO many… Actually, all of my friends inspire me… but I really first remember being consciously inspired by Willy Oaks. A lot.

I am particularly inspired by my female friends at the moment….

8. What famous person inspires you?
a. Hmm… I suppose we should define inspiration here… HST definitely inspired me. Ferris Bueller was a great inspiration, does that count if it is a fictional character? The guy that knocked Dick Fuld out.

9. What is something that has inspired you to take political action?
a. I have always been politically active… but I got crazy when I took Sam Popkin’s classes at UCSD and got to meet Al Gore.

10. What work of art inspires you?
a. Boticelli’s Birth of Venus – every time. Anything by Keith Haring. Black and white portraiture. Peter Goin’s landscape photography.

11. What is a song that always inspires you?
a. Iko-Iko… Let My Love Open the Door… Salt of the Earth.

12. Name a place that always inspires you:
a. The ocean. Though, Angkor Wat was pretty damn moving. And the ruins of Knossos on Crete as well as the ancient Acropolis and Theater of Dionysus blew my brains out. Zihuatenejo.

13. What do you find inspiring on a regular basis?
a. Sunshine.

14. Do you think you have inspired anyone?
a. Well, I guess… I hope so?

15. Who/what is the biggest/strongest inspiration in your life?
a. Probably my parental units, though I know that is not particularly original. A clear conscious is pretty inspirational.

It is not all that profound, I know… but it got me thinking about a couple other things that have inspired me lately:

1) Some books I have been reading
2) Synchronous events
3) My old friend David Garber’s blog because he writes everyday – and it is fabulously funny and real and engaging

So, I am going to try to do something for the next few weeks… I am going to try to write everyday. About whatever. Profundity aside.

Who knows, maybe it will be inspirational.


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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