I wonder what comes next?

Wondering what comes next is what makes the world go around…

We are always wondering:

  • What will the day be like?
  • What will happen if I buy that?
  • Who will win the presidential election?
  • What should I do after I do this?
  • What will happen after that?
  • Who will be there?
  • How is that person doing?
  • Is this the way I am supposed to feel?
  • Am I supposed to know all this?
  • What will the outcome of this be?

Today I wonder if you are particularly interested in the outcome of certain events, does that mean they are important events? Does it mean you have some sort of attachment to them?

Does wondering take you out of the present moment, or is it like a drug trip without all the evil consequences… OR does it have evil consequences?

My guess is that it does mean you are attached to certain hopes or ideas, it does take you out of the present moment and it does have consequences, though nothing as serious as say, heroin.

Still, wondering also helps us to pick out a nicer looking outfit or spend that little extra moment to make ourselves feel good, and that cnanot be all bad.

Oh, and I am obsessed with it…

Sometimes I wonder about things as a form of denial… “I wonder how I will feel if I eat that entire box of Hot Tamales?” [Um, yes I know I am going to feel like death, but I will probably still eat them.] “I wonder what comes afterwe say goodbye?” [Again, I know the answer to this question, but wondering makes the moment linger and makes it a little sweeter for a little longer.]

Or do I know?

I guess that is really TBD and so for now I will just look out my office window at the sky and see what shapes the clouds take…..


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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One Response to I wonder what comes next?

  1. isso says:

    Wondering is the PERFECT drug trip. The trip begins moment you cross the line between “what I think might happen” into the territory of “what I would LIKE to happen” or hop the other border to “what I would DREAD happening”. Sure it’s habit-forming; some people can’t handle it and become caught in potential futures which they are unable to shape into being, while others wind up so afraid of the direction their minds might take that they remain locked in the present.

    But hey, “reality is for people who can’t handle drugs”, right?

    At least your obsession with wondering has helped you get to where you are now.

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