So, I LOVE Rugby. Go The Blacks!!!

Alright, this is not totally surprising as I am generally a sports fan and even more so a fan of good looking men.

Enter the New Zealand All Blacks. Girlfriend has got herself a new game.

I was in attendance at the Hong Kong Bledisloe Cup yesterday to see the All Blacks take on the Australia Wallabies. It was fabulous. The energy was amazing and the scene was just what you would hope for… I would be hard pressed to name a friendlier group of spectators for anything… Everyone I met is in the running for “The Nicest Person on the Planet Award.” Not to mention that I have been harboring a growing addiction to the Blacks…. #7 in particular. Like most addictions I cannot say for sure when it all started, but I have accepted that I am powerless over my adoration and so I am giving it all up to a higher power. (Hello Richie!)

Some people say rugby is a little over loaded with meat heads… To this I say: I am no vegetarian.

We had great seats, (not that it mattered because wherever we meandered we were offered seats) and I got to see the Haka, which I love. As a recovering coach I have a deep appreciation for pre-game ritual, and I have not seen it done better than the Haka.

The game was decent, though I am sure the Blacks did not play as well as expected because the score was quite close. Somehow I was even able to find all of my friends in attendance which made it even more fun because I got to watch with my Kiwi friends. And then Richie McCaw scored the game winning try at which point I almost fell out of my seat with joy. Though that could also have been due to the fact that we were drinking beer through straws for like 3 hours. You be the judge.

And as ever, I got all kinds of lessons from the Kiwis… Most notably that you do not say “Go Blacks!” You must say “Go The Blacks!” and while the insertion of the article at first seemed very awkward to me, I am totally down with it now (and it just reminds me of how I objectify so many nouns of my own).

I also love the penalties in rugby… they are hilarious. In fact, most of them sound like Chinglish signage, or perhaps Confucian advice:

  • “Not Staying on Feet” [this sounds like you standard party foul… that will be a two shot penalty please!
  • “Early Engagement” [obviously a foul, you know where this leads… do we need to mention the divorce rate?]
  • “Not Rolling Away” [the clear morning after foul… ]
  • “Knock On” [there are simply too many things I could write here, so let’s just move it right along…]

Anyhow, I am a total convert and I cannot wait for the Hong Kong 7s… it’ s gonna be grrrrrrrrreeeaaaatttttt!!!


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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