04 November 2008.

The day started early.

A text from a British friend at 6 am.
A call from a French friend at 7 am.
Animated discussion with a Scottish friend, and British friend and a Canadian friend on the ferry.

Everyone hopeful… everyone interested… Baited breath seems the best description.

27 July 2004 the Democratic candidate for the Senate from Illinois gave the keynote address at the DNC. Virtually unkown outside of Illinois or highly political arenas, this man gave a speech he called:


And apparently people listened….

Fast forward to today, or yesterday as it is officially the 5th of November just about everywhere now, and BARACK OBAMA is the president-elect of the United States of America.

I am so unbelievably proud to be American today.

And in Hong Kong the sentiments are clear… from all the corners of the globe:


Here is a sampling of sentiments via Facebook:
Tim LaTour is proud to be an American! [USA IN HK]

Simon Miles joins the rest of the world in welcoming a new beginning. [UK]

Tiffany Jay Yes We Can… YES WE DID! [HK/CBC]

Stacy Jacobs I’m so flipping happy!!! Here it comes!!!!! [USA]

Colette Marie Semien cannot stop singing the Black National Anthem “Lift every voice and sing.”. [USA IN HK]

Clara Fung Gin is yeahhh OBA-MAAAA. [HK]

Edward Nilges is thinkin’ of his father, and thinkin’ of the Law, and thinking’ of Rosemary but most of all he’s thinkin’ about the Jack of Hearts, President Elect Obama. [USA IN HK]

Amy Ziemniak is Yes we can!! Woo HOO!! [USA IN GER]

Georg Hoefer is congratulating the Americans! Well done. [GERMANY]

Kate Abbott :). [USA – 1ST election!!]

Trevor White is proud to be an american! [NV]

Rachel Scott says whoopee! [UK IN UAE]

Vivien Jones is exultant. good news at last! [UK IN HK]

Mark Clemenson is so glad that such an important nation is in so much safer and more just hands. Party tonight! [UK IN HK]

Sherri Stewart is elated. [CA]

Robin O’Connor is very relieved and very excited to see some change! [CA]

Breanna Eddy is proud to be an American! We are not a collection of red states and blue states…we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!! [USA]

Jason Leimer is Happy Obama won , but hopes that Stevens loses his seat in the senate. [NV]

Elizabeth Allison feels the energy in the air. [CA]

Kelly Morgan is overjoyed about the US election result. [AUS IN HK]

Rost Olsen is certainly proud to be an American, and proud that his fellow Americans have been able to rise above the Rovian bulls*** we’ve seen the last 8 years. [NV]

Ryan Jay has never been more proud to be an American! [CA]

Deanna Madsen Shaat was moved by Obama’s speech tonight. Incredible man. [CA]

Josh Sellers can finally return to his homeland after years of exile, and farm the family goat pasture. [USA IN HK]

Lauren Hall Is proud to be an Obama girl!!! 🙂 This is a GREAT night. [CO]

Colette Marie Semien is pleased that change finally come. Thank you america for putting my faith back in Freedom, Justice, and the Pursuit of Happiness. [USA IN HK]

Aaron V. Williams is two fists raised in the air. F’ Yeah! [MD]

Lindsay Corwin now moving back to the states is an option!! Woo Hoo! [USA IN UK]

Weston Scott Fisher says Yes We Did!!! [PA]

James Tsao is finally exhaling. It’ll be a long tough road but at least it’s finally a step in the right direction for the US. [HK]

Stacy Jacobs Omg omg this is amazing… Everone dancing. [IL]

Connie Moretti is excited for change!!!! I can breathe again…. [CA]

Jason Powell believes Americans have opened their eyes, hearts, and minds. Now what will our new leaders do? [CA]

Tim LaTour says, “support your president no matter if your Dem. or Rep. Good job Obama! May God bless you in your new role.”. [USA IN HK]

Kim Baucom Sullivan is ecstatic about the election results. [CA]

Brandi Boston is very happy with the outcome of the election :). [NV]

Aaron V. Williams YES WE CAN!!! [MD]

Breanna Eddy is proud to be an American!! [CA]

Antonio White is happy for our new president! [CA]

Susan Serrano is thankful to be alive at this moment. Congratulations, President Obama! [HI]

Tracy Thomas is taking in this historical moment. Congrats Obama….looking forward to you Baracking our world. [CA]


Weston Scott Fisher says YES WE F’ING CAN!!!! [PA]

Kara L. Geiger couldn’t be happier! [ND]

Cami Murray IS SO EXCITED!! [WA]

Joel Oberly Barack Obama is MY president, Barack Obama is OUR president, Barack Obama is THE MAN! [WA]

Shawn Volesky está celebrando la gran VICTORIA PARA AMÉRICA!!! USA IN SPAIN]

Erica Powell is proud of our country! [CA]

David Millán PĂ©rez “oooooooohhhhh yeahhh!!! obama!!”. [SPAIN]

Breanna Eddy is OBSESSED with election coverage!!! [CA]

Slobo Daniel is watching the news about PRESIDENT OBAMA. [CA]

And Via Text Messages-

“Yeaeha!!!!!” {Rae, UK in HK]

“Good one! And he walked it!” [Danny, UK in HK]

“Congrats! :)” [Chris, Aus in HK]

“Hey there, congrats on your new president!” [Changmin, CHN in HK]

“Congrats!!!! Most historical moment!!! Black man as president!! Wo!! And he won by more than half!!” [Venus, HK]

And via email:

Obama’rde alors!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha ! [Francois, FR in HK]

Dear Amanda,

Congratulations. Obama is President! It’s great !! What wonderful news. Just listening to his speech now.

Lowana 🙂 [UK in HK]


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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