Lotus Vodka = Wow*Fun/Crazy-Danger

In the shirking responsibility category of behavior justification, let me introduce Lotus Vodka. [It is not that new… came out in 2007, but new to me as I have been (sadly) out of the SF scene for quite some time.] I credit/blame Lotus for my Easter Saturday night shenanigans in the City.

There are two kinds of Lotus – White (infused with all sorts of Vitamin B and lightly flavored) and Blue (infused with caffeine, taurine and gaurana.) Take a guess which one had me shaking my booty in SF until 3 a.m. Yeah. That one. And I have to say, amazingly, I had no hangover the next day… even after a questionable decision to head to the Toronado, where I drank beer. I never remember that stupid rhyme about beer and liquor – mostly because I think that people mostly just adjust it to suit their order of consumption at any given moment [beer before liquor never been sicker? liquor before beer nothing but cheer? liquor before beer leaves you feeling queer? beer before liquor… wait, that doesn’t work… maybe I had it right after all.]

Anyhow, finding myself in Shanghai 1930 – in spite of demanding nothing Asian on my trip home – I was poured Blue Lotus and soda. I do not generally go for vodka soda, but was advised to try to the Lotus vodka this way and so I acquiesced. Not bad. Had another. Pretty good. I am sure you know the progression. However, I love the San Francisco-ness of this vodka. It is ‘green’ using recycled materials for packaging and donates a share of the profits to SF charities benefiting youth and arts. So, you get energy and or vitamins in your cocktail and are an inadvertent good samaritan. Nice.

I ended up in quite good spirits – pun intended, (though not all my activities were.) A great night in a great city. Gimmick? Probably, but ultimately a pretty good cocktail, and you know the age old question, “Does it work?” Umm… Yeah.



About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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