Sampan in the sunshine all the way home.

I do not often take sampans in the light of day. I should probably preface this with a definition of sampan. Basically, in order for me to get home I have to take a boat, and the ferry that goes to the village where I live on Lamma Island stops running before I finish working (there is another option that goes to Yung Shue Wan that runs later, I just have a 20 minute walk to my place if I take that one and so I often take sampans at night.) They are also the only way for the late night revelers to get back to Lamma and so it is generally considered a nocturnal event. The ferry costs me HK$17.50 to my place and HK$14.50 to Yung Shue Wan. I pay HK$100 on the high side down to HK$20 to take a sampan directly home, depending on how many of us there are. There are usually several.

But today after yoga I went to the grocery store and decided I did not want to wait for the ferry back to my place so I took a sunny sampan. What this entails is finding an available boat and driver. It is basically like a taxi on the water… only cheaper than taxis most places. I take a bus or a taxi from Causeway Bay and get out at the Aberdeen Praya Road. Then I go find my sampan people. By now they know me and so I no longer have to deal with negotiating prices and shit, it is just a done deal.

So, you jump in and then 25 minutes later you are home. In your own little island village. Or you can wait an hour for the slow, loud, crowded (on weekends) ferry. Sampan, FTW.


One of my guys.


View of another sampan from mine to give you an idea.


Moving out of the Anerdeen harbor.


This is what I leave behind.


Chillin' on the way - Lammado in the distance. Beats where I was.


Almost home... that is my village.


The Pak Kok pier.


Here we are....


Looking over my shoulder heading up the path home.


Good luck non-mongrel koi.


The path through our garden.


Very close... hello house.


More garden. It is big.


Home. A place to rest.

And I will not bore you with the view – you have seen it before. It is obscene. Not a bad commute, eh?


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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