Okay… So, Sarah Palin? GFY… you are too stupid to use oxygen.

Apparently the Governor-Who-Can-See-Alaska-Therefore-Understands-Foreign-Policy-Yet-Does-Not-Read-Foreign-Press-Or-Policy has never watched David Letterman before. However, she must think that everyone else on Earth does. In response to a pretty lame joke in Letterman’s Top Ten List (sorry Dave, it was weak) she made a big old public stink so now everyone who didn’t even watch his program (sorry again Dave) is fully tuned in. Of course, the woman who cut all the funding for sex ed in her state and then had a minor (unwed, if it matters) daughter get knocked up because she let her minor daughter’s boyfriend live with her (who does that?) and then forced the kids to stay together and then freaked when they broke up anyhow because they were like 17 and that is what 17 year olds do, doesn’t have a whole lot of ground to stand on as far as repudiating someone else’s moral compass, even if she can see Red Square from her backyard.

If there is any question that she was the nail in McCain’s coffin this should pretty much clear that big old ball of confusion right up. Of course, I get why she thinks she is so damn clever – have you heard Todd? (We are not even supposed to make fun of people like him, so I will leave it.)

I thought after such a decisive ass whooping in November and a general shirking from her GOP compatriots she might go away. But then, that kind of good judgment would require a clue, so I do not know why I thought it was a possibility.

What is wrong with people? CNN goes with Letterman FTW on this one. Sorry Bill O’Reilly you big windbag… you suck just as bad (and you know you only talk about Letterman from a distance now since he pwned you so bad. Multiple times. And Monica Crawley? Sarah Palin is “an existential threat to liberalism”? Do you even know wtf that means? I think your peroxide has seeped a little too deep.


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I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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7 Responses to Okay… So, Sarah Palin? GFY… you are too stupid to use oxygen.

  1. sandysays1 says:

    My, my. It’s more and more apparent this country is divided past the point of salvage. Everything is a political weapon. Itrs so sad.

    • Amanda says:

      Just because I am convinced that SPalin would be an Epic Failure on “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” (among other things) certainly should not indicate that the country is divided beyond salvage, it should be inspiring to know that people are no longer tolerant of sub-par ability and mentality. Though I agree that the fact that this whole “feud” is just another example of FoxO’ReillyPalin types using something as ridiculous as late night tv as a political launchpad is sad, it just underscores their ineptitude.

      The joke was stupid, and offensive.

      I didn’t hear A-Rod crying to Fox”News” about it.

  2. driss says:

    Palin’s balloon which empowered her ascent to the upper echelon of Republican Demigods is fueled entirely by hot air- a resource which some areas of the country seems to be producing more and more of these days. Krugman’s comparison of the early nineteen nineties to the present in terms of how the right-wing is circling their wagons so to speak, is dead accurate- it has the effect of concentrating the voices, making them seem louder. That is, after all the secret behind FNC’s high ratings, right?

    • driss says:

      Yeah, totally. Law of supply and demand? There isn’t enough demand for an “equal” number of right-tilted news outlets to exist, so no one else bothers trying to reap what FNC has sewn. Landfills take up a frighteningly large percentage of the space where we can possibly live, but hey- as those who care nothing for the health of the planet would say– “the garbage has to go SOMEWHERE”, right? Actually a bit surprised to see that she still hasn’t taken her rightful spot co-hosting with Hannity yet…

  3. driss says:

    I’m a dunce. I just replied to myself thinking that it was you. Concrete evidence that sleep is a necessary part of life, which I do not get enough of.

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