~Happy 4th of July~

I woke up this morning under grey Hong Kong skies knowing that I was going to be working and that most people I knew could give a crap that it is the 4th of July. Frankly, most people I know anywhere seem to take the holiday in stride; it’s like a good barbecue situation under sunny skies and such, mostly a day off. I can get with that. Especially since I am at work. But this has been a very “independency” week over here. Canada Day and Establishment Day both going down on the 1st of July and now us bloody Americans ringing in another big night at the local bars, for sure.

Canada Day actually makes me laugh a little bit, and not just because it is Canadian… but because it celebrates the British North America Act of 1867, which is sort of an independence ruse. It gave Canada permission to be “federally united into One Dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland” by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty. So, that’s cute. But they did tear it up over here on Wednesday because as luck would have it the date coincides with Establishment Day in the Kong, so for Canadians, it is like a real holiday. In a somewhat related way Establishment Day celebrates the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the PRC. The difference being, China doesn’t play and they effectively ended British political participation. This is not to say it ended the British influence, but no one is talking about her Most Excellent Majesty. In fact, they are mostly protesting for universal suffrage, which has yet to be extended to the people of Hong Kong. This also gives me a bit of a chuckle, because voting in Hong Kong is a funny concept. As a Special Administrative Region of the PRC – it honestly doesn’t mean shit. And I do not mean that in the whole, whiny, “My vote doesn’t matter” kind of way… I mean it actually would be meaningless. HKSAR operates under Beijing Rules. But it was a cool march through the city. I missed the fireworks.

On this July 4th though, I sort of feel like Bill Pullman in Independence Day, when he declares: “Today we celebrate our independence!” This is clearly overstating the reality of the news, but I am going to revel in it anyhow because as I stretched out and took my first sips of wonderfully hot and strong coffee I was inundated with the news of Sarah ‘GFY’ Palin’s resignation. Priceless. Of course, I am sure that this is somehow related to her belief that she has a legitimate shot at the White House in 2012, which if true would be a sure sign of the coming of the Mayan prophecy – the end of the world as we know it. [Actually, I am well aware that this is not what the Maya indicated with their prophecy, but if Spalin makes it to the White House, I might hope it to be the case.]

Sarah Palin is such a mockery of everything good about politics in America. And sadly, that could actually get her elected (maybe I will march to rescind universal suffrage in the US  next July 4th… I kid, I kid… kind of.)

Now it has started to rain in the SAR and so sitting in the office is less annoying. To all of you guys at home, have a great holiday weekend.. I would SO love to be in Bolinas with the Benders or Encinitas with the McColls or Vegas with the girls… but for now, I am just going to go and wish all the British people I know a “Happy Fourth!” in my most annoying sing-songy voice, ’cause that is how I get fireworks over here in the SAR on the Fourth of July.


Bolinas, 2007


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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One Response to ~Happy 4th of July~

  1. Anna says:

    Ian has decided our girls are getting too old to be around the debauchery that takes place in Bolinas on the 4th. So, yesterday may have been the start of our own 4th of July tradition: we had a party at our house on Neptune. It was quite fun. We hung flags from many countries, the girls colored a “HOPE” sign for the front patio, and we served street tacos. Go multi-cultis!

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