Chasing the Legend of Ho and Hsi, the Drunken Astronomers.

So this morning I was all excited to see the 75% solar eclipse of the sun in the 852. When I got to the office and told the staff about it they were less than non-plussed. Why I am surprised that none of my co-workers, save one British guy, even gave a crap about it is a mystery. But I must admit I was surprised none of them were even remotely interested. Perhaps if it projected a Hello Kitty silhouette or was visible via a PSP2 it would have been better received?

I have never seen a total eclipse of the sun, but I have seen several eclipses before… [One of my co-workers did say that to me: “Haven’t you seen an eclipse before?” (Apparently, if you have seen one you have seen them all.)] But I will always take advantage of the opportunity to check out a celestial anomaly. And they just don’t happen that often. I mean if you want to see the next total eclipse you are going to have to place yourself on Easter Island next July, which would be fun, but not convenient. Plus, this is the longest eclipse of the Century, which is pretty cool.

Interestingly (though not surprisingly), some of the first records of eclipses come from the ancient Chinese, dating back to around 2130 BCE credited to Ho and Hsi the Drunk Astronomers. Now there is a cool name to be credited with. Therefore, today I was actually paying homage to Ho and Hsi as I ran out of the office to join the kids down on the street watching the progress of the moon as it passed between us and the sun (though not the drunken part.) I was photographically ill-equipped for direct shots, but got this cool one of the shadow:

Picture 003

Anyhow, it was a more interesting start to the morning than most and the apocalyptic-nuclear-winter light that emanated from the partially covered sun was cool, if not all that different than the suns rays as they try to get through the Hong Kong pollution on any given day. And I always think of this Carly Simon song when I think of eclipses simply for the singular line about Nova Scotia… not to mention the fact that I really like the idea of being “where I should be all the time…” [second only to “and when you’re not you’re with… some underworld spy… or the wife of a close friend…”] So… I leave you with the following musical stylings a la Carly.


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I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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