The Chance Encounter


Just like that, fall fell in Hong Kong yesterday. I have always liked the fall (in the seasonal sense as well as the biblical); I find the transition very rejuvenating. It seems like this is backwards because it’s the spring that is supposed to be all about rebirth and emergence (and resurrection for that matter, I suppose.) But for me, the fall has always heralded good things (beyond my birthday, of course.) Summer is my favorite time of the year in more general, sweeping terms, but fall offers something a little more devilish… cheeky… interesting… unexpected.

As a symbol of the fall, I like the equinox because balance is cool, and my birthday lands squarely on that perfectly balanced day. I like that you could go either way – day or night, good or bad, warm or cold, inside or outside, baseball or baseball. I like going back to school. New clothes, new school supplies and a whole truck load of new hopes and goals and aspirations. I like looking forward to being cozy and being hopeful about the ideal holiday season of Hollywood-esque perfection, which always remains elusive, through accident or intention:

Oh, and I like wearing sweaters. And scarves. And hats. I like the long light in the mornings and the afternoons and the brisk wind. I don’t even mind that it took a while longer (six weeks actually) than the first day of autumn for all these things to make their way to 22°20′ N, 114°11′ E.

In fact, I like all those things a little more because I live somewhere that is absent the drama of changing seasons, and fall only really means that the humidity has dropped below 40% and that you haven’t yet realized that your flat is without the requisite insulation to hold in the tepid jet stream produced by a heater not inclined to generate much in the way of thermal energy. No one here watches or even complains about the World Series, and since there is no Thanksgiving, once the sacrilege that is Halloween (only tolerated for the foreigners) has passed it is Christmas. You can already hear the music.

So a day like today, that is authentically autumnal is really fantastic – for its uniqueness alone. It is like the rare chance encounter. For a moment everything seems totally electric, possible and light. The moment passes, but you will be left wondering what it meant, if you will find it again, and if it might have been something that mattered most.

You never know.


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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