My year in lists…

It is a new year again. And this one began with a Blue Moon too – pretty auspicious beginning, I would say. [Actually, I understand a true Blue Moon is a fourth full moon within a season (quarter), not just a second full moon within a month… but I am wondering how the two are not one and the same…] Regardless, it was a gorgeous, cold, full moon New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong this year. I was supposed to be on a junk in the harbor for the third year in a row, but variety prevailed and instead I found myself in the company of good friends – old and new – in Luk Chau on Lammado. It was just… lovely. I do not imagine too many people take their own water taxi to and from their New Year’s Eve function, but I did.

I thought a lot about the New Year this year. For a lot of reasons. I mean, I sort of always do, because I am prone to like this kind of stuff , new beginnings and such. But this year was one of particular interest to me – lessons and observations and weirdness and work and total realignment of mind and body. I am absolutely amazed at how ridiculously fast time seems to be going, and I am consequently very glad that I am starting to see how little point there is in letting other people determine how you spend your fleeting moments. There has been a lot of discussion about paradigm shifts and apocalyptic endings (or beginnings, depending on your point of view) and intentions and energy and goals… And that is just here on this blog.

I had some experiences this year that were positively shocking, and I am not talking about electricity, but I am trying to avoid the judgment of calling them awful (or awesome). I am trying to get to the point where they just are: It is what it is and only our reaction to it that can a/effect judgment. At least that is what I am aiming for. So, for starters, I guess that is my first ‘resolution.’ But before I even get to my revisionist take on the resolution situation I have My Year in Lists to take care of. A long time ago a family friend who is more family than friend gave me an idea for New Year’s Eve. I no longer remember the context or rationale for why she suggested this – if she does it or if she just knew at that young of an age that I was destined for a life in lists… Regardless, Marcia J. suggested that I write down ten things that happened to me in the year just ending. I loved the idea and have been doing it since about 1985. That is a long list of lists.

So… 2009:

1) I visited Vietnam, not once but twice. And it was very nice.
2) I finally visited Japan – or at least a part of it in Kyoto.
3) I got to see the Man Burn, and there will never be enough opportunities for me to thank Mike V.,  Reece C. and all the other people that helped to make that happen.
4) I went HOME. Really and truly HOME. And it saved my life… I got the chance to reconnect with some people who might never really get how important they are in my life.
5) I lost myself in some really dark places that I suppose I had to see, but it was really difficult and forced me to acknowledge some unpleasant stuff. About myself and the world/people around me.
6) I chose to make my life a priority and not my job. Sorry work, but that is going to be how it goes now. I saw the light and it is way better from outside the plate-glass façade.
7) I began my Project 365 adventure and am now contemplating book opportunities.
8 ) I realigned my mind and my body – mostly through the yoga direction of a very special human being. Again, if there were only a way to express the levels of gratitude.
9) I blogged. And so, therefore, obviously I am somehow. Whatever.
10) I stopped being afraid of the inevitably unknown. No longer really all worried about how it is all going to work out, because you know why? The only reality is that it will.

Wow. That was deeeeeeep.

And for 2010? ‘Sup witchur bad self? No resolutions here promising for early morning sprints across continents and retirement saving and macrobiotic eating. No way. However, if I were prone to guessing, prognosticating and listing – oh, wait…

  • I’m gonna be 40. No sense pretending I don’t see it coming.
  • Burma. In four short weeks my Aunt Nancy and I will embark upon the road to Mandalay.
  • India. Don’t ask for details yet, but it is happening. For S-U-R-E.
  • Writing.
  • Moving.
  • Livin’. L-I-V-I-N.

On your request, I compile a list
Of my top five resolutions for this year (one!)
I declined ’cause I decided that I (two!) did not believe in the new year anymore (three!)
And I must confess that at times like these hopefulness is tantamount to hopelessness (four!)
And I accept that it’s time for a change but not in places like this with people like these (five! five! five! five! five!)


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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