My Yoga Journey, Chapter 2: Departure

I wanna thank you... for a real good time... xoxo

I have a funny way of doing things. Like, in preparation for a six-week sojourn to a completely unknown place, I work up until the day before I leave, don’t pack until the day I do leave and then I sort of realize the reality that has settled on me as I am on my way onto the plane.

This may not be the most efficient method.

But then, in spite of my best efforts, I remain imperfect.

I celebrated my emancipation from employment last night with an eclectic and wonderful group of friends. I made a lot of <> exclamations and generally revelled in the surprising turn of events the past year had brought to me. I woke up this morning early. And then when back to bed. I had erratic and interesting dreams of which I remember very little and woke up to look around my house with the knowledge that it would not be my house for a whole lot longer. I made some lists – always a good thing to do when feeling overwhelmed to paralysis. I thought for a moment about how I was really being kind of silly about taking this whole thing so lightly.

But then I had another thought; over thinking this trip would be silly, in fact, as I have little to no idea of what to expect I think that to over think it would likely just cause panic. My relatively irreverent attitude towards things has not been ridiculous, it has been a matter of self-preservation.

I got up and went out to get some last-minute things that I needed and do a couple of errands. I finally got a hold of my parents who are in Bend, Oregon on their way home and that was calming. I ate some really hot tom yum and then on the ferry back, ran into one of the most lovely humans I know on Lamma. Actually, I thought he had moved back to NYC, but it turns out he has moved into my village. I smiled as I thought, ‘Isn’t that always the way.’ And I said goodbye.

I still have not packed. I have contemplated packing. I am hanging out with my cats and trying to get the things together that I need to get together like money and documents and such. I will leave my house in three and a half hours. My flight will leave a few hours after that.

And then the departure becomes an arrival.


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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