(I was once) Lost. That series ended, too.

I just finished taking my written exam in my yoga teacher training course.  It was not that hard. Or maybe it was, I am not really sure. Either way, with several uninterrupted hours ahead of me (as I finished 2 hours early) and thus far cooperative power, I have been perusing the internets. It appears that there was a television season finale that was kind of a big deal yesterday: Lost. After six seasons this series has come to an end. It is everywhere out there right now with all sorts of love-hate cyber-screaming going on. It is trending on Twitter. It nets 39,700,000 hits on Google (in 0.23 seconds, woo hoo.) A surprising number of my friends are discussing it various on-line formats.  Hmm. Maybe I missed something here.

I remember when Lost debuted in 2004. I was knee-deep in misery in the suburbs in Northern Nevada and was not interested in television so much as escape. [Note to self: one often does get lost when running away with eyes closed.] I remember that Matthew Fox was on the show and this was like his post-Party of Five resurrection (only way to go was up, eh Matt?) I think I remember that one of the Hobbits was on it too. And a super hot girl: Evangeline Lily (whose previous work was in things like The Hot Chick and Freddie v. Jason and The Lizzy McGuire Movie. Not that that means anything, just sayin’.) I am not sure why I never turned it on. I guess I was occupied with other issues, like my survival rather than that of a collection of really, really good-looking people out there on what I (yes, mistakenly) assumed was a high-tech Gilligan’s Island. I could not understand how a television program could have much longevity with such limiting parameters (Prison Break syndrome right? I mean, once you get out, where is that show going?) My Hong Kong friends are totally into Lost in the same way that my US friends are, so I totally could have gotten into it. Still, I did not. (Neither did Roger Ebert, so I feel a little less losery.)

And now it is over and I know how it ends. It sounds more interesting in the end than I gave it credit for – at least in the words of Mary McNamara over at the LA Times. A sort of philosophical mash-up, if a little heavy on the God stuff. (Though in my current situation I am full up on God stuff, so I may be projecting.)

Lost premiered on my birthday in 2004. Before my next birthday I would have made my way blindly and awkwardly to China Light (Hong Kong) where I unintentionally remained for the run of the entire duration of the series.

I ran away to China because I was too lost in my own self to deal with what really needed dealing with at home. As I have no doubt mentioned before, it was a bad strategy. But, what is done is done, and from it I can only learn at this point. Once here, I did not magically get un-lost [shocker.] In fact, I wandered around quite a bit more lost for about 18 months. Somewhere around the midpoint of Season Three (of Lost – Season two for Amanda in Hong Kong) I began to see that I was a little less lost. In fact, might have even begun to be finding my way. I am now curious what might have been going on in the series at that point. I may have to investigate, so far the parallels are interesting to me.

It has taken a few more seasons for me to realize that being lost is far more a state of mind, a choice even, than an actual circumstance. And because of this I find that I am no longer lost, just as Lost is no longer. And as I critiqued a plot line that was built around such limiting parameters as castaways stuck on an island (after a three hour tour? Either way…) I have to laugh when I consider that I placed myself, alone, on a little island in the Pacific, far away from all my known entities and was equally lost. And there was plenty of material to make it through a good five seasons on my island, so who I am to criticize the scope of Damon Lindelof, J. J. Abrams and Jeffrey Lieber.

After a near equal number of seasons, I too am ending my own run at ‘Lost.’ In every way I can imagine, in fact, I believe I am coming home.

I just hope my arrival is not met with some great blinding white light. Particularly in a church.

[image from http://www.lost-and-found.ca ]

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I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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1 Response to (I was once) Lost. That series ended, too.

  1. Tim LaTour says:

    This is a great post. I love the parallels you find here. As one who watched every episode of Lost (and found the ending quite satisfying), I think It’s a great commentary on humanity. Based on what you’ve written here, you could have been a character on the show. But does this mean you’re leaving HK (Lamma)? If so, I just hope in our “alternate lives” that we all get to meet up some day.

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