Lamma for Life: Thank you my friends… xoxo

For all you guys from Yung Shue Wan to Pak Kok Tsuen… you have made the five years more of everything, in every way.

Big love especially to: Peter Berry, Karine (Frenchie!), Cath & Daz, Andy Griff, Kate Locke, Aussie Kelly, Camellia, Sue, Canadian Tamara, Jill, Chris T., Dave & Eva, Rodney, Adele & Neem, The Book Group, Eric C., Tracey & Jerry & Lucas, Nickie, Olly & Lucinda & Gus, Noah & Trinh & Zoe, Vicky & André, Rhys & Lizzie & Alba…

My fabulous kitties: NORMAN & MATILDA…

And my amazing parents… because everyone should be so lucky to have the lattitude, encouragement, support and love that Carol & Terry have always given me.


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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5 Responses to Lamma for Life: Thank you my friends… xoxo

  1. peruadele says:

    This is Beautiful! You’ve added so much joy and love in all lives! xxxxx

  2. tamara says:

    Ahhhh…you are making me all teary and so happy – thanks for your openness and loving words Amanda – I love that I have always felt a special connection with you even though our social paths haven’t always or often for that matter crossed – here is a poem about this kind of connectedness that I wrote the first time I ever came to Lamma about 8 years ago now. I was 28 years old – had come from the place and that I come from and had lived the life that I lived – had never been on a plane – never ever new such freedom existed – freedom on so many levels. My mind was exploding with so many new thoughts and ideas. The world seemed to take on a whole new shape and being. Visions that I could never have even fathomed possible became real life right in front of my eyes.

    Interconnected Intertwined
    Energies flowing yours through mine
    Giving and Taking
    Grasping and Hoping
    Positive Exchange
    Meaningful Conversation
    Awesome Inspiration
    perhaps a sort of Elation…..
    We are All Energy All of The Time
    Passing and Receiving
    Interconnected Intertwined

    Love and Peacefulness to you ….

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