Catwoman: She is me and I am she?

What’s life without a little risk? ~ Selina Kyle

I did not see the latest Catwoman movie with Halle Berry. With no offense to what I’m sure was one hot kitty, I was not interested. I did like Michelle Pfeiffer’s version. But if I am going to take Selina off the page, I think I would stick with Julie Newmar. I have been thinking about the Cat lately because… well, I am sort of juvenile, mildly puerile, and cartoons have been popping up everywhere.

And apparently, someone decided that to replace your Facebook photo with a cartoon was a good way to raise awareness about child abuse. This makes no sense to me, and I share this person’s opinion, who said:

Step A: Put cartoons on your Facebook profile. Step C. Child abuse goes down. Nobody could tell me Step B. I had 65 friends with cartoon pictures on Sunday. Nobody said they donated to a charity, and nobody talked about volunteer work for a children’s advocacy group.

I take issues of child advocacy very seriously for a number of reasons, not the least of which is my profession or the fact that it turns out that we consistently overestimate the coping abilities of young people while simultaneously underestimating their sensitivity. I think that kids are completely cool simply for the fact that they are kids. And when they are not allowed to be kids because of shitty circumstances, or shitty parents, or god knows what else, it get pissed off. To this end, I am an advocate for young people on a daily basis. I am involved in youth activities. I coach (admittedly somewhat reluctantly these days, but hey, that is only because I know the real deal there.) I do not take myself so seriously. I do take them seriously. I listen to them.

I do not think that changing my Facebook picture to the alter-ego of Selina Kyle is going to do much about child abuse. But if nothing else, perhaps a dialog of the misdirected campaign may be helpful. And then I can talk about Catwoman without seeming totally ridiculous. Or maybe I am still ridiculous. Regardless, in the effort to select the image of the cartoon character that I identified with, no matter how much Wonder Womaning I did, I had to go with Ms. Kyle over Diana Prince.

[This may or may not be because of her thing with that Bat.]

I know Wonder Woman is the shit and I have a feeling she is far less likely to need therapy than Catwoman… and she has that bangin’ invisible jet; but I think I may actually *be* Catwoman.

Let’s review.

The feline is characterized thusly: carnivorous, solitary, secretive, nocturnal, inaccessible, agile, international. They typically tend to have lithe and flexible bodies with muscular limbs. Brown to golden fur is common in most species. Retractable claws are generally present. They have relatively large eyes. Felines possess a highly developed sense of smell. Most are able to land on their feet after a fall. All are able to spit, hiss, growl, snarl, and mew. Most also seem to be able to purr.

How *interesting*.

Selina Kyle is a sometimes-adversary of Batman, known for having a complex love-hate (oftentimes romantic) relationship with him. No longer a “super-villain,” Selina (Ms. Kyle, if you’re nasty) is now classified as an anti-hero. In other words, she is badass, and people feel a need to pigeonhole.

Originally, it was suggested that Selina was actually married to Bruce Wayne (*swoon*) and the mother of their only child in a parallel comic universe. [Yeah, a parallel comic universe. I just said that.] Later versions have her escaping her life of prostitution and an abusive pimp. Somehow, people thought that was more empowering. Whatevs. I am not going to turn my head from any story where my girl gets with Mr. Wayne. Seriously.

Either way, Selina gets the idea that, if there is a “bat”, why can there not be a “cat”? That is what I am talking about. Classified as “the most dysfunctional relationship” in the comic world, Selina and Bruce – the Cat and the Bat – exemplify my relationship choices for sure. Save for #4, they have all been wild, crazy, passionate, ridiculous, interesting, challenging, unlikely… unhealthy. But look how well we have worn it!


Anyhow, when it comes to choosing one’s alter-ego, if you can in fact choose, it seems like you should consider all sorts of things, and admit the flaws – fatal or otherwise. In that light, Catwoman seems like my match. From the origins of Bastet forward, it seems like it fits.


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