King Lear: We haiku you.

William Dyce 1806-1864, King Lear and the Fool in the storm

Irrational Lear
Lost everything he owned
Once hidden, now known.

I give you King Lear:
Madness, betrayal, bad weather.
Everybody dies.

The eye does not see
when the storm reduces man
madness his nature

Lear – angry, crazy:
A dragon lose in the storm
Dies of his madness.

The King splits his land
family drama arises
then everyone dies

Kingdom is split up
Bastard hates his legit bro
A lot of guys die.

Daughters: good and evil
Family can’t be trusted
Lots of people die.

Driven to madness
King Lear reaches true wisdom
Harsh realities.

Outcast by daughters
Young daughter dies with his mind
He sees, weeps, and dies.

filled with mad anger
Lear and his children destruct
the truth is revealed.

King Lear went insane,
but it brought him clarity
and understanding.

A king’s foolish words,
Betrayal leads to madness,
And then they all die.

A great King named Lear.
Tricked by two evil daughters
And everyone dies.

Delusional king
Insane daughters betray him
Everybody dies.

The plot is simple-
first, everyone goes mad, then
everybody dies.

Offsrping betrayal
Results in insanity
Finally, all die.

Madness is rampant
Through the storm and the battles
King Lear is crazy.

King Lear is crazy
Blind eye turned to honesty
Everybody dies.

King Lear falls down and
Oh what a horrible storm!
breaks his innocence.

For Lear wanted what
was not real nor realistic.
He lost all he had.

There was a mad king
Who was lied to and betrayed
Everyone drops dead.

Like tempest’s thunder
The King’s mind tears at itself
Sleep is death is peace.

Greedy daughters and
Tempests containing bald men
Where did the fool go?

King Lear is a play
William Shakespeare wrote it
Hamlet was better.

In the midst of one of the worst storms we have had this year, my AP Lit students were writing in-class essays yesterday. A standard for of assessment for this class, this is a simulation of an exam setting where under time constraints and other psychological pressures, they have to crank out two essays. One was a comparative analysis of two poems, the other an interpretation of either madness or secrecy within Shakespeare’s King Lear.

As a diversion I said, “Tell the story of Lear as haiku.”

It seemed a nice culmination of a study of the poetic form and one of Shakespeare’s gretaest tragedies.


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2 Responses to King Lear: We haiku you.

  1. Kelly says:

    Superb! Can’t pick a favourite. I want to do YOUR marking.

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