I am not broody. But I do like to rock.

When I heard about this show at first I was feeling sort of tepid. I mean, I love a good Victims Family show, and Jello Biafra is certainly worth the price of admission (or, what I thought would be the price of admission…) but when I got the details, that there would be kids, lots of kids, and parents, some alarms went off in my just-on-vacation-from-school state of mind.

But, I rallied and headed over with Curtis. I haven’t been to the Rickshaw Stop in ages, though I walk by it often. The price of admission was shocking – it’s for the kids – they said. I felt like telling them my freaking life is for the kids. Curtis must have read the look on my face because he paid. And as had been predicted, the place was full of kids. And parents.

At least there was a bar.

I got a beer and looked at the program for the evening. It was basically a ‘recital’ of sorts. But without even giving it much thought it was way cooler than any recital I had ever been involved with. I met the director, a friend of friends and he gave me some info on the school where Larry and Ralph from Victims Family teach. It is legitimately a school of rock. Huh. Kind of a cool concept, I had to admit. I walked further in to see the band taking the stage.

Are you kidding me? These kids were rocking to Dick Dale and this little 10-year-old was holding down the bass line. No. Shit. I looked out at the parents. And they were having a damn good time.

But the kids were having more fun.

I looked around and thought, now this would be fun as a parent. Wait – wha…. What did I just say? I shook my head. I am not broody. No, I did not just think that. Then two little rock and roll steampunk kids who were no more than 4’6″ walked by.

Okay, but I would be so down to dress my kids that way – AC/DC shirt and all.


I am not broody!

The San Francisco Rock Project is a private music center that strives to teach kids how to rock – and not just the music, though that is a big part of it (I saw a twelve-year-old play Les Claypool’s bass line in the ‘House Band’ (the SFRP’s top performers) cover of Jerry was a racecar driver – and he KILLED it) but they are teaching them all about the attitude of rock and roll. And I do not mean the douchey lameness that gets stereotypically thrown on to rockers (sometimes deservedly so, sometimes not…) but I mean the confidence and the power – especially for the girls – the rock and roll puts out there. It was super cool.

I talked to the director about getting some of my students volunteering over there – they need volunteers and my kids need professional arts experience for their internships, seems like a win-win. The Mythbusters dude was the emcee. (I really wanted to ask about the whole cannonball fiasco. But I didn’t.) Instead, we rocked. Sabbath. Queen. Nirvana. Primus. Even some original material and some indie girl rock. Pretty sweet.

And then came Victims Family and Jello Biafra. Rad.

So for those about to rock, and those making it happen, we salute you.

And for the record, I woke up this morning knowing I’d seen a cool show and totally pleased to only be dealing with cat angst.

Like I said…
I am not broody.


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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3 Responses to I am not broody. But I do like to rock.

  1. SFRP! says:

    Thanks so much for coming! And for blogging! http://www.facebook.com/RockProject

  2. LOVE it! But speaking as the mom of one of the steampunk kids (and maker of the goggles), they are actually both just over 5 foot. I actually just measured! 😉

    • Amanda says:

      Ahhh… I stand corrected! Though to be fair, I am 5’10” and always in heels – high high heels… so my miscalculation has more to do with perception than anything else.

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