How’s your year so far?

I give my students narrative assessments every three weeks or so recapping what we have accomplished (or what I wanted to accomplish anyhow), work that should have been submitted, highs and lows, general accolades and concerns, and a preview of what’s coming up – hopefully to add some context to what we have been doing all along… It is a help for the kids, probably, but really it is an important thing for me as an instructor to check myself and make sure that there is a larger narrative I am working with and to afford a little metacognitive review of what I need to focus on, or I can relax about.

Sitting at the kitchen table with a nice glass of wine last night (I do know how to rock a Saturday night) I was putting their post-vacay review together – we are embarking on a crazy-cool-ambitious-intimidating-cross-curricular project for the month of January – and I got distracted thinking about my personal narrative assessment of 2012 so far.

What I wanted to accomplish was getting a jump on the planning for the interdisciplinary units we are teaching this month – and though not much got done over the holiday, the week was productive. Things look good and I am excited to teach the material. I have a little more grading to do, but not too much… I have a few things hanging over my head to take care of for paper work and such – changing banks, completing a long overdue evaluation of a class I completed in December, signing up for yet another test to prove to the state of California that I am qualified to teach, this time English Language Learners (no, five years teaching overseas does not merit any sort of pass on this.) Plus there is the planning for the spring semester… Economics and the second half of World History… but you know me – I love a good planning session.

Accolades for making time for the things that make me smile: yoga, the gym (okay, that makes me laugh more than smile, but it’s all good), family, friends, travel… I saw my coach on Friday night and it was awesome. He is still just the kind of balance I have always needed in my life – and I swear the man was right about everything he ever said to me. Eerie. Also planning some trips soon – Southern California, HK, y quién sabe que mas… México? Europe? Sometimes it really does feel like the world is my oyster.

However, I will be getting my head together with a financial planner from USAA this month (to talk myself out of a lot of that fun I suspect.) Sensibility it so banal. I suppose this goes into areas of concern. For now though, just remembering to maintain some semblance of balance and reflect on the things that make me smile.

I found a daily/diary on my bookshelf from who knows when, and decided I would fill it out. One more place to list things that maybe don’t really need to be posted on the internet (see mom? I have limits.)

So far 2012, you have been nothing short of a sunshine daydream.
I resolve to keep it coming.


About Amanda

I am repatriating expatriate trying to work it all out. Well, to work some of it out anyhow. I am writing here for sanity, focus and general over-sharing.
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