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Hola Mr. Hand!

It is official. I am Mr. Hand. Today as I endeavored to start what is categorically my most rambunctious (though generally very enjoyable) second period World History class we were recapping the previous day’s events. I was out for a … Continue reading

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Round and Around we Rebound: I’m piloting the relationship Swiffer

Throughout my basketball career, my most dominant stats were always rebounding. I had some games where I totally controlled the boards on both sides of the floor. My record for rebounding stood for ten years or so after I graduated. … Continue reading

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People, please. Get off the Weiner.

I am feeling pretty good these days. Summer is coming and the workload is diminishing as I cruise towards the last day of school. I am even getting to sleep in a little later, which always cheers me up. Well, … Continue reading

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Apparently there is an app for that. But not for this.

From the desk of: “Are you kidding me??” comes this news item: Vatican Says ‘Confession’ iPhone App Can’t Replace Real┬áConfession: One cannot speak in any way of confessing via iPhone For the last couple of years of app madness the … Continue reading

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Ship of fools: I am a [Clipper] card carrying member.

Went to see the captain… …strangest I could find… I predicted a few adventures, and at least a couple of guaranteed snafus when I committed to public transportation stateside; but I was not really prepared for the kind of experience … Continue reading

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Really, Matil? It has come to this?

As I continue to enjoy (likely to annoying degrees) the flow that has encompassed my life as of late, I have run up against a small obstacle. And by small, I mean in stature only. I am dealing with seven … Continue reading

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Matil has acculturated. [The Repatriate Papers, Vol. 6]

Matilda likes being an American. She has fallen in love with the dryer and is getting a sweet little belly. So much for her jungle-cat lifestyle. Talk about going soft. Still, tormenting of wiener dogs brings her much joy.

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A Sure Thing…?

I am a strong proponent of research and investigation. I like to see if there is a scientific way to explain stuff, particularly, you know, the non-scientific stuff. This perhaps why I found Boobquake to be such a worthy endeavor, … Continue reading

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Isn’t that ironic? Uh, actually, NO.

I used to know a teacher who used Alanis Morissette’s song, “Ironic” to teach irony in her English class. Back then, at Procter Hug High School in fabulous Reno, Nevada, I did not teach Literature. But I did listen to … Continue reading

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Holy Crap. This guy is my hero. (Well, one of them…)

I had heard of Romanpoet (also here) somehow, not sure how. It sounded kind of, you know… cool. But being neither Luddite nor particularly motivated to explore the tech-underworld I never really investigated. Should have. Meet Virgil Griffith. Here is … Continue reading

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