I was there, now I am here, soon I will be somewhere else

I have a lot to say about myself, but it may be better left to the imagination.
If it was not for the interesting deviations of my daily existence, I would probably be bored.
I once mistook boredom for contentment.
I hope not to make that same mistake again.

Here are some [random] things about me:

  • My favorite store in the whole wide world is 7-11. Any country, any flavor. Oh, thank Heaven for 7-11. I have photographs of 7-11s (the authentic and the inauthentic) from every country I have visited.
  • I love Sharpie Markers even though they seep through paper. I love their permanence and the resultant disregard for errors. I have personal use and decoy sets of Sharpie Markers. I will not let people use my personal stash of Sharpies because I know they will: a) crush the tips, b) put them back all haphazardly and mixed up,  and c) people should simply understand the purpose of the decoy Sharpies.
  • I smell everything before using it, but not afterward. This has spawned many discussions and in some cases some tricky situations. Before I will eat something I smell it. Same for drinks. I also will smell every piece of clothing I put on first, including shoes. I smell books, pens, blankets, pillows. I smell my shampoo everytime, and it is always the same shampoo. This also applies to boys.
  • I do not have any debt/I love my job. I believe these are probably linked somehow. I am fortunate to do work I enjoy, which is not to be confused with wanting to work all the time or support people who are not working.
  • I dry the sink after I use it, always. Kitchen and bathroom and I am talking about the basin not the counter, though in all honesty, I dry that too.
  • I read books and watch DVDs in the order in which I get them (and therefore stack them) on my shelves. I do not deviate from this.
  • I often feel that inanimate objects have feelings and this changes the way I look at them and what I do with them. I may be more considerate of the inanimate than the animate at times.
  • I am aware that I am a totally crappy dancer and singer and I don’t care at all, I still do both.
  • I read the World Almanac. It is one of my favorite books.
  • I love synchronicity, alliteration, randomness, order and conundrums.
  • I floss my teeth at least two times everyday.
  • I love shoes in an entirely inappropriate way. And though I used to say with pride that I did not wear the same pair in the same month, I have been wearing the same pair of shoes to work now for an entire year. One pair. Call it maturity or insanity or the dumb luck of being a US size 10 in Hong Kong.
  • I have been treated in hospitals in the US, Mexico, Greece, Thailand and Hong Kong. In spite of this I believe that I am a very healthy person. I also always seem to have very good health insurance.
  • I am prone to falling for concepts over realities. It is a constant issue in my life. I hope that I can conceptualize reality soon. Or just meet Benicio del Toro and call it a day.

12 Responses to I was there, now I am here, soon I will be somewhere else

  1. U.T. says:

    “I love shoes”

    I just bought two pairs of Mephisto and some Keen hikers. I am good to go for another 10 year!

  2. Amanda says:

    7-11 for the complete experience.
    Did you know that every country’s 7-11s have a different smell that is consistent throughout the country? I love that.

    And yes, especially clothes I know are clean… I love that smell.

  3. An Imperfect Servant says:

    You sound very intruging.

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  5. mikegargano says:

    Nice blogs, thanks for the entertainment.


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  7. veerendra6 says:

    Hi amanda how is everything .

    • Amanda says:

      Hello Veer…
      Things are sort of crazy right now, but I guess it will all be okay, right?
      Glad you have found the blog. I need a photo of you for one of my posts… So I think I may carry my camera with me tomorrow!

  8. Hi, nice to meet you !

  9. RebelRegan says:

    I too smell everything before use; not sure why.
    I too feel that inanimate objects have feelings; I often apologize for kicking/tripping on them.

    Great blog!

  10. Matt says:

    I miss 7-11s … one more than others.

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