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An Urban Cowboy: You blend.

For the last month, I (inadvertently) conducted a social experiment. It was inadvertent insofar as I never really planned to be hosting a Cowboy in the City, but then, as we all know… the best laid plans… Anyhow, the experiment … Continue reading

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“He’s not online. Like, at all.”

I now know someone who does not use the internet. Seriously. Does. Not. Use. It. Lives without Google, without Z.E.E. (Zuckerberg’s Evil Empire), without the inclination to Tweet that which might be profound. Or profoundly banal. Imagine this. It is … Continue reading

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A letter, #4

You will never believe the strange coincidence that brought you to my mind the other day. I am actually glad I can tell you in writing so I don’t have to hear you tell me how there are no coincidences … Continue reading

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A compromising position.

I was talking to T on the phone this morning as she drove to work. A major benefit of having summers off is increased phonability. Like, for instance, yesterday as I was finishing up the last-minute of “really fun” stairclimbing … Continue reading

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The Retribution Hook Up.

I have been wanting to write about this but then thinking, hmmm…. perhaps it is too much for certain members of my audience. But I am struggling with the notion of censure these days as well as the more basic … Continue reading

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After this post, I may need to be “Committed.”

It has happened again. I am reading a book with so much immediate and significant relevance I am wondering how it is possible that it landed in my hands at this time. Of course I know, technically, how it happened: … Continue reading

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Smells and Boys. Sometimes Smelly Boys.

Where I live is quite fragrant. Hong Kong, after all, translates to “Fragrant Harbor.” This can be a good thing, though more often than not, it is a bad thing. This is mostly because I have a very sensitive sense … Continue reading

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A dude-montage in 5 easy steps.

I was recently discussing the fact that I refer to my exes by number when I write about them. The semi-awkward part of this was that I was discussing it with a dude. Not a boyfriend or someone who has … Continue reading

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The Name Game.

I got to thinking about names the other day for some reason. Not sure why, but was just thinking about the trends in names. Like how each generation has these overwhelmingly dominant names and that there are some advantages and … Continue reading

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