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Who are you calling stupid?

There is something really bad going on in American education. And I do not mean √° La Mala Educaci√≥n… which would at least be interesting. It something pretty serious though. One of my illustrious [former] administrators once announced at a … Continue reading

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I am, and have always been, obsessed with perfection. As a little, little kid I would throw away art or projects when I made the smallest of mistakes and start again… or sometimes just say the original endeavor was too … Continue reading

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We should all have Bright Eyes.

You should think on this song if you have not before. And on these memorable quotes from Black Rock City: “That’s different.” “Dude. We cannot just NOT go find your mom.” “Your clothes are far too normal.” “How are you … Continue reading

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Burning Man: Living with Intention.

“It is like they decided how they wanted to live and they are doing it.” My favorite question since I decided I would make the difficult, conscientious and labor-intensive decision to be a resident of Black Rock City this year … Continue reading

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Back to the USA, Part 2: Black Rock City & several blasts from the past

There are many experiences in life that simply defy effective (or coherent) articulation. For the past eight days I have been immersed in such experiences. In spite of the challenges of describing them, I will not be deterred in my … Continue reading

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Not Deep Thoughts

Jack Handy was deep. Today I am not. In keeping with a Friday Five tradition (an excuse for list making, I know…) I felt like articulating the things that are occupying my frontal lobe today. Feel free to offer hypotheses … Continue reading

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A Festivus for the Rest of Us!!!

I work too much. This is not a cool thing to say right now as everyone is facing the impending doom of the financial crisis, but the fact remains: I.Work. Too. Much. The costs of this are significant on my … Continue reading

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