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So, what did you get up to this weekend?

I thought you’d never ask. There are times when looking at one’s life, you kind of go – Damn. I know my friends and parents and stuff are alway trying to remind me how interesting (for lack of a more … Continue reading

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More true stories.

I am sitting in the office eating a Greek salad for lunch. And garlic bread, though I didn’t want to admit that, but since the title of the blog is true stories I might as well. I try not to … Continue reading

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It’s all in a day in the 852.

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And in the “Job-You-Wish-You-Had” Category:

So, today there is a giant Ham Sandwich and a giant Orange wandering around on the street outside my office. I might think this peculiar were I not so accustomed to the large anthropomorphized food stuffs trolling the streets of … Continue reading

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Working on Saturdays; I am not alone. But it still sucks.

Every Saturday I get up and go to work. For eight hours. Don’t be jealous. Here is how I get there:

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I love LA. Among other things.

I have not been writing much lately. I am feeling quite bogged down… by a nice variety of things. I have this blog on Robbie Williams and space aliens that I have been trying to finish for weeks. Should be … Continue reading

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