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Unexpected emails continue…

Today’s installment in the unexpected emails comes from… me. A few years ago I came across a website called Future Me. I was using the website, which allows you to send yourself an email at a specified date in the … Continue reading

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#5 is alive and, well… yeah, alive.

I received an email from #5 yesterday. It was rather out of the blue. I had emailed him in October on the passing of my milestone birthday as we share a sun sign, among many other things (not sicknesses or … Continue reading

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04 November 2008.

The day started early. A text from a British friend at 6 am. A call from a French friend at 7 am. Animated discussion with a Scottish friend, and British friend and a Canadian friend on the ferry. Everyone hopeful… … Continue reading

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Text v. Call – you be the judge.

Tracy is a laughing at the 42-year old who keeps texting her for a date. Pick up the phone Lazy Ass! So the Facebook Status update read, and I laughed out loud, [I did not LOL.] But it got me … Continue reading

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Mail (as in, you’ve really got mail, like real mail you can touch)

The advent and maturity of email, texting, on-line photosharing (is that even a real word? Can you have compound verbs?), even blogging,┬áhas permanently altered the way we communicate. I don’t condemn these changes by and large, and in fact rely … Continue reading

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