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On the occasion of a birthday.

My birthdays tend to be a bit over the top, in both style and duration. I realize this is a bit silly and juvenile, but so are many things that I also like. I also realize that this tradition would … Continue reading

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Deconstructing my California mythology

I am back in my hometown, or at least the town that was my home for more years than most other places, and during those dangerously formative years. It is pretty cool to be here: everyone can do with a … Continue reading

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My Yoga Journey, Chapter 1: Preparation

A journey, whether literal or figurative, helps you break away from your daily routine and experience life in an entirely new way. Frequently, we become mired in our daily duties and are unable or unwilling to look beyond the borders … Continue reading

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After this post, I may need to be “Committed.”

It has happened again. I am reading a book with so much immediate and significant relevance I am wondering how it is possible that it landed in my hands at this time. Of course I know, technically, how it happened: … Continue reading

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True Airport Stories.

I love airports. Seriously. I love everything about them, the hassles, the smell, the anticipation, all of it. I find it simply grand. Of course this is usually because by the time I find myself at the airport, I am … Continue reading

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