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I hate the Buffalo Exchange. Like, totally.

This is a public service announcement. With guitar! Know your rights – all three of them. I live upstairs from a Buffalo Exchange. This has turned out to be the only shitty thing about my living situation for the last … Continue reading

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The Wonder Woman Debate

On 30 June I was dealt a big psychological blow. After more than five years I was leaving Hong Kong and heading home. To a home I thought I knew. I left the Fragrant Harbour at 14:40 local time. And … Continue reading

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More Absurd Shit.

Of course I believe in gay marriage — why shouldn’t they have to suffer just like us straight couples do? – Dolly Parton Because the California Supreme Court upheld the controversial Proposition 8 yesterday, which is totally absurd, I was … Continue reading

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A Vivienne Westwood Morning.

This morning I went and checked out the Vivienne Westwood exhibit in Tai Koo Place at the Artis Tree… It is was pretty cool. I am still trying to work out her personal look, but there was some amazing stuff … Continue reading

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