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Hola Mr. Hand!

It is official. I am Mr. Hand. Today as I endeavored to start what is categorically my most rambunctious (though generally very enjoyable) second period World History class we were recapping the previous day’s events. I was out for a … Continue reading

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I love irony: Spending May Day at the Federal Reserve.

Today is May Day. For many years I associated May Day with the Maypole and faeries and flowers and such. All very pagan and Mother Earth-y and all. I never knew that it was ¬†International Workers’ Day… likely because we … Continue reading

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Reason 2,639,093,126,895,470 that Hong Kong is Not China.

Last weekend was a holiday weekend in Hong Kong. Not in China PRC, but just Hong Kong. It was Buddha’s birthday on the 12th of May and so I had the day off. It was great. I decided to also … Continue reading

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