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Word to your Mother.

Word(s) to my mother: strength, bravery, compassion, wisdom, love, support, creativity, generosity, optimism, humor When I was a young(er) and (more) cantankerous girl, I made a proclamation: I don’t want to have kids. Frankly, I was like 13, so really, … Continue reading

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Do you realize??

Do you realize That you have the most beautiful face? Do you realize We’re floating in space? I couldn’t help looking across the aisle at the two UMs. They were not traveling together, but because they were UMs they were, … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s… I got some? You got some?

My grandma has Alzheimer’s Disease. Some people call this ‘dementia’ like that is somehow better or something. Whatever. We had signs that something was going on with Gramma Joan a long time before anyone really did anything about it… but … Continue reading

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