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An open letter to my President (ps: he’s a total boss)

Politics is a tricky business. Sad but true to say, especially since it should be neither tricky OR business, but there you have it. In spite of this, it is the cross we must bear in order to self-govern, though … Continue reading

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“I run this land you understand, I make myself clear!”

The first time I saw this album CD cassette cover it was hot off the presses in the fall of ’86. I was a high school junior listening to it in the little red (was it a Datsun?) pick up truck of … Continue reading

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Another holiday that serves to stir up some confusion, but in the end, it is about gratitude.

Father’s Day (more correctly meant to be written Fathers’ Day) lands squarely on the third Sunday in June every year. Today is that day. It should be a fairly uncomplicated concept: a reciprocal day to match Mother’s Day occurring a … Continue reading

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Who decides if you are Second Best?

My high school coach used to call me Avis. He did this in an obvious play on one of my other nicknames, as one of his myriad ways of teasing me. At the time, all of his teasing fell into … Continue reading

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Word to your Mother.

Word(s) to my mother: strength, bravery, compassion, wisdom, love, support, creativity, generosity, optimism, humor When I was a young(er) and (more) cantankerous girl, I made a proclamation: I don’t want to have kids. Frankly, I was like 13, so really, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

It seems impossible to believe that 2010 has come to an end. I remember Gust Proutsos, back in my first year at Procter Hug High School in Reno, told me that I was going to be absolutely blown away at … Continue reading

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Thank you very very much.

Last year a friend from home suggested posting something on your chosen social media outlet, for which you were thankful everyday in November up until Thanksgiving. I took the bait. I was going to be working through my fifth Turkey-free … Continue reading

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Ahhhh…. Carbohydrates: Thank YOU.

Alright… so it is winter in Hong Kong now. I think I wrote about it being fall last week, and that was nice. For a minute. Now it is winter and it is cold. Before you go telling me what … Continue reading

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Okay… Okay! Okay!!! I get it! There is a lot to learn.

I realize that learning is infinite. I accept this fully. I generally even really appreciate this and advocate for embracing this as one of life’s greatest gifts. But Holy Hell! Can a kid get a break once in a while? … Continue reading

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Do you thank your family much?

I spend a great deal of time talking about my family. Among friends, old and new, in countries near and far: My family resonates resonance. In my classrooms they become models, examples, heroes, metaphors, motifs, sages, symbols; paragons of all … Continue reading

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