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Three day weekend – pfffffffftttttttttt!

Malcolm X Day is a public holiday in Berkeley, and there is much that could be said of that, but what it translates to most immediately is a three-day weekend for me. Or, rather, it¬†should. Instead of enjoying the pure … Continue reading

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Family: The unfamiliar is so familiar.

my daddy was a bankrobber but he never hurt nobody he just loved to live that way and he loved to steal your money Everyone has their own narrative about their family. The story a person tells about their family … Continue reading

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Free to be [fill in the blank].

I have not had a repressive, oppressive or otherwise [externally] limited life. I have been blessed with all of the promises that our Founders put forth in the Declaration of Independence in spades.¬†This has been largely due to three factors: … Continue reading

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Another holiday that serves to stir up some confusion, but in the end, it is about gratitude.

Father’s Day (more correctly meant to be written Fathers’ Day) lands squarely on the third Sunday in June every year. Today is that day. It should be a fairly uncomplicated concept: a reciprocal day to match Mother’s Day occurring a … Continue reading

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“So, tomorrow I’m going to jog to New York”

Back in the day when I was living in Del Mar and mostly attending UCSD as a reticent sophomore my roommate and still very dear friend E and I would, as many nearly 20-somethings were prone to, sit around and … Continue reading

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it came upon a midnight clear…

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. ~William Blake, 1790 Christmas Eve, Sandpoint, Idaho – Last year I said I would be home for Christmas. And here I am. Though … Continue reading

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Thank you very very much.

Last year a friend from home suggested posting something on your chosen social media outlet, for which you were thankful everyday in November up until Thanksgiving. I took the bait. I was going to be working through my fifth Turkey-free … Continue reading

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The worst idea for an invention I never followed through on.

I used to think that a “Cat-Cam” would be a super-cool little gadget to come across. I wanted to figure out a way to rig a tiny, relatively indestructible, wireless webcam onto my cats’ heads somehow, and then get to … Continue reading

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My year in lists…

It is a new year again. And this one began with a Blue Moon too – pretty auspicious beginning, I would say. [Actually, I understand a true Blue Moon is a fourth full moon within a season (quarter), not just … Continue reading

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Sometimes it really is all in the details…

My cousin Lorena asked me yesterday when I had my last Christmas at “home.” I told her I have not had Christmas at home since I came to Asia. I have just spent my fifth Christmas here… my third in … Continue reading

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