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Well, then. My work (t)here is done.

I once flew across the Pacific Ocean for a weekend just for the chance to meet someone. It was like, 26 hours in the air and 48 hours on the ground… and I never even met the man. Seriously. I … Continue reading

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Someone needs to get a grip. And by someone I mean: YO.

The type of memories that turn your bones to glass turn your bones to glass… My house is a complete disaster and I have about ten million things to do. So, of course, I am sitting here blogging about it … Continue reading

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Some things I know I’m going to miss about Hong Kong

Cheap utilities including phone service – remember that year we all got our electricity subsidized? That was cool. [Seems fair anyhow since our little island provides HK with ALL its power.] Everywhere you might want to travel seems to be … Continue reading

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Lamma for Life: Thank you my friends… xoxo

For all you guys from Yung Shue Wan to Pak Kok Tsuen… you have made the five years more of everything, in every way. Big love especially to: Peter Berry, Karine (Frenchie!), Cath & Daz, Andy Griff, Kate Locke, Aussie … Continue reading

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Ching Ming Festival is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Today is the Ching Ming Festival in Hong Kong. With no ancestors buried in the local hills to offer my respects (or Nestea or fruit or Pringles or incense or flowers or cakes or prayer papers) to, for me this … Continue reading

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Making lemonade out of lemons… but still, stay away from the yellow snow.

The weather has been interesting in Hong Kong recently. Actually, I have no idea what the weather has really been like, because it has been invisible behind the veil of pollution we’ve been living under. Two days ago the air … Continue reading

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Smells and Boys. Sometimes Smelly Boys.

Where I live is quite fragrant. Hong Kong, after all, translates to “Fragrant Harbor.” This can be a good thing, though more often than not, it is a bad thing. This is mostly because I have a very sensitive sense … Continue reading

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Being Brave on One Fine Day.

Face to face I find, I contemplate Even though a man is made of clay Everything can change that one fine One fine day Sometimes I have to pause to really acknowledge and understand how completely awe-inspiring my friends are. … Continue reading

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Live Music I Want to Write Home About!

I love live music. I love going to shows. I love to shake my booty. Hong Kong generally totally sucks in all of these categories, offering cover bands, arena shows at an arena far far away, and suspect club music … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s the journey not the destination.

There are no taxis where I live. There are no escalators. There are no buses, trains, planes or automobiles. Because of this I walk home. A lot. This is what my walk looks like through the eyes of my iPhone. … Continue reading

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