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The Cowboy has left the building.

From the beginning A was uncomfortable with the label, The Cowboy. She said it objectified him and she did not like it. I giggled like the schoolgirl I appeared to be emulating, “But it’s cuuuuuute!” I countered. She shrugged. In … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Perfection, Part 2

Ahh… the Illusion of Perfection. So illusory (and elusive) that people actually believe they can not only obtain perfection, but that it might matter. I have long been called a perfectionist, by myself and others I suspect. My grade school … Continue reading

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Rule #1: Be sure you are not placed on the end of any group photo.

My parents recently moved back to the area. Apparently the true 1%ers they have spent a lifetime trying not to be, they are now going to be snowbirds, (of a sort, still choosing rather atypical resting points.) As this move … Continue reading

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