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More yogic wisdom, now applied to dating.

The sages always remind us that everyone we meet is a teacher. As you can imagine, someone like me might take great issue with this sort of sentiment. However, as with so many of these (not so) petty annoyances in … Continue reading

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Bang Bang In My Head

Strange kind of feels unguided like the voice of life went it went bang bang in my head Epiphany time. Have just realized that nothing matters. Like seriously, N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Unguided, unplugged. Whatever. I cannot decide if this is total freedom, … Continue reading

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Chaos = Flow (Navigating the Streets of the 852)

The streets are getting crowded up in here. The fact that I live amidst chaos has been a running commentary of mine since I came to Asia. Of course, I was meaning that I was caught up in a frenzied … Continue reading

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This is not going to help my addiction to the “F-word.”

Among the many, many things Antonin Scalia and I disagree about is the utility, versatility and, might I suggest, necessity, of the “F-word.” Truly, I would be hard pressed to find another word in the English language with the efficacy … Continue reading

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