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This morning has sucked. How the day goes? It’s a choice, right?

I have heard that people in partnership (though I think it is probably sage advice for those not as well) should never go to bed angry. I like that idea. I make every effort to always make that happen. But … Continue reading

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Mental Body Imaging.

I used to live with a bulemic (truth be told, I have lived with two bulemics, two anorexics, an exercise bulemic, a laxative addict, and several compulsive eaters – but hey, I came up in the 80s where, according to … Continue reading

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Coffee: DENIED!!

Last week I went back to my hometown for a Halloween party. I even wore a costume and everything. I don’t go up there very often, and every time that I do go… I am glad. Thought I was going … Continue reading

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…and what’s that spell?

A starburst. A cataclysmic event. A nebulous constellation of color. Memorable. Made of a multidunious melange. Meandering through the madness. Abstract. A place in the sun. A view of the world. Necessary. Noteworthy. Never easy, not often simple. Distant but … Continue reading

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Why Do You Do What You Do?

An inspired idea that apparently came into being on the Playa. I imagine a lot of inspired ideas take shape out there… but it is particularly special when they make it out of Black Rock City and become something more … Continue reading

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Exaggerated Self-Opinion.

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Reading Machine + Addendum

I am back to the books in a big way. I seem to have drifted from reading for a while as I was pursuing other endeavors, or being lazy, or being annoyed by reading certain things, or just being tired. … Continue reading

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