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Silver linings that shine brighter than all the diamonds in the world…

Balance exists in our lives. It is not always easy to see, and if you subscribe to certain eastern philosophies, you may never recognize this balance as it permeates myriad lifetimes. But, as I accuse some people of the need … Continue reading

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Larger Rant.

Still Ranty. In general I have not felt terribly underpaid as a teacher. There are several reasons for this, and my generally declining needs threshold is a big one. But here’s the thing. I am exactly the type of person … Continue reading

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The Senses of Place and Sensation of Palaces.

San Francisco in the summer has a rather infamous legacy. The most well-known, and consistently mis-credited sentiment to this is that “the coldest winter I/he/she ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Mark Twain did not say this. No … Continue reading

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(Absolute) Location [is] (Relative)

Location (n): a place of settlement, activity, or residence; a place or situation occupied. In teaching the notion of location and its importance, geographically speaking or otherwise, there are two distinct interpretations of location: the absolute and the relative. Within these two, the absolute location is finite and equally accessible to anyone with the … Continue reading

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AHAwesome Graduation: June, 5 2012

Being such a large high school, Berkeley High has dealt with attempting to meet the demands of what amounts to a small city of teenagers through a program of small learning communities within the school. As such, I teach in … Continue reading

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Tweet this: KQED & Twitter come to B-High

Recently I joined the Advisory Board for the KQED Do Now. This is a group of educators who are looking at ways to integrate the KQED current event-based Q&A activities on their Do Now site. The goal is to see … Continue reading

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Three day weekend – pfffffffftttttttttt!

Malcolm X Day is a public holiday in Berkeley, and there is much that could be said of that, but what it translates to most immediately is a three-day weekend for me. Or, rather, it should. Instead of enjoying the pure … Continue reading

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Hola Mr. Hand!

It is official. I am Mr. Hand. Today as I endeavored to start what is categorically my most rambunctious (though generally very enjoyable) second period World History class we were recapping the previous day’s events. I was out for a … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Perfection, Part 2

Ahh… the Illusion of Perfection. So illusory (and elusive) that people actually believe they can not only obtain perfection, but that it might matter. I have long been called a perfectionist, by myself and others I suspect. My grade school … Continue reading

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I love irony: Spending May Day at the Federal Reserve.

Today is May Day. For many years I associated May Day with the Maypole and faeries and flowers and such. All very pagan and Mother Earth-y and all. I never knew that it was  International Workers’ Day… likely because we … Continue reading

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