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Family: The unfamiliar is so familiar.

my daddy was a bankrobber but he never hurt nobody he just loved to live that way and he loved to steal your money Everyone has their own narrative about their family. The story a person tells about their family … Continue reading

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A letter, #3

So I am sitting here reading this article for a class I am taking, and though the article is pretty lame, I just had to laugh. I totally thought of you. This silly vapid wannabe scholarly article made me think … Continue reading

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I hate the Buffalo Exchange. Like, totally.

This is a public service announcement. With guitar! Know your rights – all three of them. I live upstairs from a Buffalo Exchange. This has turned out to be the only shitty thing about my living situation for the last … Continue reading

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How you know you have made the right choice.

On making a decision, big or little, I often find that once I have made it, a slew of evidence that I may have been premature/misguided/idiotic in my decision-making crops up. This morning I was wondering if this happens to … Continue reading

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