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You get a number when I’m through with you.

There is much talk in many circles of abandoning the ego. How the ego is the root of all our suffering and the ego causes us to make so many of the bad choices that we make and the ego … Continue reading

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Odd news pairings in the SF Chronicle. Or not.

I went to a new Starbucks on Saturday morning. There are at least three in the immediate vicinity of Tracy’s house where I am currently flopping. That is just how it is in the suburbs/bedroom communities. It’s fine, I mean … Continue reading

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“Cats, who’d have ’em?”

I’ve been thinking about cats a lot lately. Okay, it is not like I don’t think about my cats a lot in general, but lately I have been a little more global in my consideration of cats. I have long … Continue reading

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William James, why are you stalking me?

“An idea, to be suggestive, must come to the individual with the force of revelation.“ 01/11/10. Odd date. Odd day. Though I think I am misstating it when I use the word odd lately, but I am without another suitable … Continue reading

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Sole Mates… Are you my density?

As you may (or may not) know I have a great love for synchronicity – there is something deeply satisfying about recognizing the inexplicable confluence of events that permeate my daily existence. I am sure I miss a lot of … Continue reading

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Things I wanna do and things I get to do….

I would like to be able to explain, clearly and articulately, the synchronous nature of life. For example, I am absolutely buried in college essay right now as my students all jockey for position and line themselves up to get … Continue reading

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